Yamaha (Production Designer)

Eyeconic (Art Director)


Sabrina Carpenter Concert (Production Designer)

sabrina 7

Disney / Denizen Cars 3 Zoetrope Promo (Prop Builder)

IMG_8206 2IMG_8207 2

Disney / Denizen, Pirates of the Caribbean Promo (Prop Builder)

Take5 w/Nick Kroll (Production Designer)


Link to video:

Why Him, Film Promo (Art Director)


Netflix (Prop Master)

Pacifikids and Jennie Garth (Art Director, Prop Master)

Pacifikids Science Fair (Prop Maker.  I made the little cars)

Jeff Hobbs (Writer, Animator)

Honda Ridgeline (Art Director)

Guilty Party (Set Dresser/Prop Assist)

CHRISTMAS CAROL (Prop Houses w/Andrew Hull for Cygnet Theater Co.)Christmas-Carol

ROSETTA STONE Language Learning Software  (Production Designer, Director)do-you-have-a-map_wheres-the-cathedral_wheres-the-market excuse-me_do-you-know-where-this-hotel-is_yes-its-on-c2-street


GANZFELD  Feature Film  (Producer, Production Designer, Locations)

s-screen-shot-2014-04-12-at-6-03-01-pms-ganz-2 s-screen-shot-2014-04-12-at-5-46-54-pm-1-e1398049000196  s-screen-shot-2014-04-12-at-6-00-56-pm s-screen-shot-2014-04-12-at-5-45-57-pm s-screen-shot-2014-04-12-at-5-08-55-pm s-screen-shot-2014-04-12-at-4-59-18-pm  s-ganz-3

A THING AS BIG AS THE OCEAN Feature (Producer, Art Director)s-rest s-screen-shot-2014-04-12-at-4-36-45-pm-1 s-mirror s-cafe-wide s-broke-house s-dar s-darlene-cafe s-darlene-window    

ADVENTURE SANDWICH TV Pilot (Assistant Director and Maker of Cardboard Props)screen-shot-2014-04-12-at-3-52-47-pmscreen-shot-2014-04-12-at-3-51-13-pmscreen-shot-2014-04-12-at-3-50-50-pm
NOW YOU SEE ME/ESPN PROMO (Prop Master)Now-you-see-me-22Now-you-see-me-2

UNCLE ATTIC  (Production Designer, Storyboards)
uncle attic btm steps  heading uptop of landing copy  INTRO-1-Girl-hall-2INTRO 1 Girl feet  INTRO 1 child hallINTRO 1 flying in from the sky dsktp  INTRO 1 upshot clownINTRO 1 zaphand  INTRO 1 Hands upINTRO 1 Streetlight 1  INTRO 1 floating bed with lightsINTRO 1 gate  INTRO 1 Castle Houses-IMG_1413 s-IMG_1415

A Thing as Big as the Ocean, (Producer)

Kickstarter (Director, Camera)

Kickstarter (Director, Camera)

The Bite (Writer, Animator)

click for editing reel

Contact:   (630)205-0768)


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