Arbor Day Farm



IMG_20120621_152804Here it is installed along the path along the Tree Adventure. I like the way it collects light out there and glows in the shadow of the tree. We were afraid it wasn’t going to fit through the door of the shed.

The irony is in the object. The wide face (the side with the door in it) represents (is?) the back of our heads, the thing we don’t see.

Thanks to Kimmel Harding Artist Center, Arbor Day Farm, Poet Sarah Mason and artist Andres Laracuente.

There are so many stories to tell from this trip, but it was also one of those experiences where there is so much to do, there is no time to be rhetorical. My arms are still recovering from all the overhead clamping/lifting etc. I’m glad the sculpture can speak for itself. It is sturdy. Small children can climb on it. Adults can sit on it. The Farm is enormous and has a staff of six or so people taking care of the grounds. My sculpture will be really well cared for. It is nice to feel that it will be around long after I am gone.


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