starting to build 5/27/12


ImageThese shapes look cool before I glue them together. That sort of thing is always unexpected.  … like cartoon kitchen knives…. or Link’s sword from Legend of Zelda?

If this gluing goes well I will be on the roof making my first arc today. The points are narrower than I thought, so I think the shape is going to look rather dramatic.

The pieces are mostly all cut. Now it’s just a big puzzle to put together.

Gluing done, but No arc today. The forecast is rain tomorrow and the curve really needs to set before I cut it up for storage/transport. But this will give the points more time to dry, which is good. Patience! I am realizing too, that the roof is less than ideal. It has a small slope to it, and it is black. In this 92 degree sun, it is really baking up there. Where else can i find a nice large flat space, nearby?

…later, when it was cooler, I went on the roof and laid it all out. I am cautious and making it smaller, but I think it is still big enough; and the arcs are bending just right. They bend in two directions (along their width and length) which I wasn’t sure they were going to do. So that is a huge relief. It was also just really awesome to see the reality of this thing I dreamed up ten years ago. Now I can focus on making it structurally sound.


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