With the generous help of The Rebuilding Exchange and Obi Deconstruction, I have some great materials and and some serious tools to begin work on Ganzfeld 2.

I have been building this thing in my head for… honestly, ten years. But in earnest, the last few weeks have gotten pretty specific.  I am tightening bolts in my imagination, making diagrams with calculus that sorts out the slope of the cones at each point…

Today I make the first real cuts.

Starting with the points, made of 2×4’s, using a compound cut on a table saw. I will have to build a jig putting the pieces at 6degrees to the blade, beveling the blade… I think it’s 12 degrees…   This is all to get a cone of 14 pieces at a slope that feels right; the slope will determine the bend of the whole shape.  Once the points are done, i will rip the 35 pieces of Lauan into 1.5 inch strips.  Then, clamping the strips to curve between each point, I will laminate them into 14 solid structural ribs. The top 7 first.  The bottom five… well, I have’nt been able to imagine that part yet…   I guess if this was chess, you are seeing how many moves ahead I am capable of.

Pictures to come…


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