Mini Mies at the Sony Center in Berlin


With the Sculptor Daniela Ehemann, I made this short video piece about a miniature Mies van der Rohe building. It was presented at 3Walls Gallery in Chicago along with her installation of a giant model of Mini Mies falling through the ceiling. Now it is going to the Sony Center Berlin

Daniela and I share a lot of concerns about realizing and playing with space. Beginning with the conceit that architecture shapes the boundaries of our thinking, Daniela uses architecture, or destroying architecture, as a way of questioning limits. I am interested in both the social critique as well as the sort of childishness of the gesture. Coincidentally, my second album is called the Myth of Heroics and also deals with a similar impulse to question and destroy moral “givens”. To question heroic acts seemed, to me, to be the most audacious and visceral.

So, coupled with our mutual interest in heroism and sculptural installation, we teamed up to make this video.

By Daniela Ehermann and Jeff Harms Music by Jeff Harms


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