Ganzfeld (Feature Film) 2011


ganz 6
Ganzfeld is a musical drama, scored by former Wilco member and Grammy Award winner, LeRoy Bach, sung by local musicians Azita and Marvin Tate; shot on location in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana and downtown Chicago by Daniel Mejia.  Directed by Brian Torrey Scott.  Brian also wrote the lyrics.

“Ganzfeld” was filmed on location in western Montana and Chicago over the course of two years. We began, after an arduous casting process (for the part of the protagonist Amelia), with a 30 hour drive to western Montana. We lived and worked in a fire lookout tower in the mountains where weather ranged from 90 degree heat to blizzard conditions, often in the same day. Our approach to shooting this project was based on our interest in shooting intuitively in an immersive environment. We enjoy working in small numbers, allowing an emotional spirit to grow from within the project into our professional and personal relationships.  This was first and foremost a collaborative effort.

I conceived of the film with Daniel Mejia and we brought Brian onboard to direct and write.  Brian created an outline of the film’s structure and everyone improvised within that framework.  There was no script.

2012 4:3 DVD 76 minutes
Artwork by Daniel Mejia

First and foremost, we wanted to make a movie about a relationship.
We’re interested in the inarticulate and complex minutia of

Amelia and Jeff are a young married couple living in Chicago. Jeff is
enjoying success in his professional life, and he is excited by the
chance to elevate his status in the world and settle into a certain

Amelia is the polar opposite. In spite of her well-worn
efforts, she cannot find happiness in the same manner as her husband.
To complicate matters, their love is real. As the tension of the
relationship elevates, her breaking point comes nearer. She struggles
to find a job that she enjoys, and she has a hard time reconciling her
existence with that which is expected from her. She is clearly gifted,
but her talents go unseen until they bubble to the surface,
facilitating a radical change.

“Ganzfeld” is an ethereal examination of a symbolic life.

The fragmented narrative is punctuated by live musical performances.
Although the band never appears in the story otherwise, their function
is that of the oblique narrator, expressing the esoteric intricacies
of the couple’s complicated situation.

Jeff Harms: Producer/Actor/Collaborator

Daniel Mejia: Cinematographer/Editor/Collaborator

Brian Torrey Scott: Director/Collaborator

Amelia Lorenz: Amelia

Tif Bullard: Tif

Tyler Myers: Tyler

A little music video that was cut from the film.  Music by Jeff Harms. Words by Brian Torrey Scott and Tess Bove.  Arranged by LeRoy Bach


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